Opening Statements

Whats good ?!?!?

The name is Quo..Kid Quo and I am here to bring you the newest & freshest Hip-Hop music that I can find, cool? Cool, although this blog is mostly gonna cover House music which I think is DOPE it is my duty to keep cats posted on the happenings in the Hip-Hop world: shows, new releases, new artist, new videos, other events, and all that other dopeness. Besides that shout to to Big Leigh and everyone at Big Time Townies.

Looking ForwARD to in 2009…

1. The Ecstatic

2. Lup E.N.D.

3. BUZZ MIC YEAR!!!!!!!

4. Wale Debut Album!

Anyways thats all for now folks peace and love




One response to “Opening Statements

  1. word, bigups to KID QUO and welcome to the Big Time fam! looking forward to witness you change the game in 09, do it big!

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